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tango and vienna


1991 - 1993
The production and broadcast of 2 TV films in Germany (1991) and France (1993) featuring Dr. Rios, and a number of articles in a Paris-based tango magazine created an initial link with Europe
Luciano visited Vienna to give a two week tango seminar. Persuaded by his students to stay, he has been there ever since.
The founding of Cuarteto Viena Tango. Dr. Rios joined the group immediately as a dancer.

Appearance in the television film "Crazy Moon", directed by the famous Austrian film director Peter Patzak, during which he danced tango to the music "Verano Porteño" by Astor Piazzolla as arranged by Osvaldo Pugliese.

In the following years, he has appeared in a large number of prestigious productions and cultural documentaries on Austrian television.

1995 - 1998
Engagements for the Argentinian Embassy to appear at Diplomatic Corps receptions in Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia.

28th February 1998: "Freizeit" Magazine, the Saturday colour supplement with the Austrian newspaper the "Kurier", featured an article entitled


in which MIGUEL HERZ-KESTRANEK wrote about the fascination of Tango Argentino and Luciano:
A master of tango has contaminated Viennese actors with the tango virus ...

Later, he described his first encounter with Dr. Rios:

"Maybe Luciano will dance", says the leader of the "Cuarteto Viena Tango", singer and actress Judith Keller, hopefully. "We don't know whether he will come, but we'll ask him anway." ...And he comes ...And he dances... And I've never seen anything like it: he dances his life, he lives the dance; with all the sadness, eroticism and longing which makes this dance so very much more, more than just a dance. The melancholy, nobility and elegance of Luciano's dance deeply affects the people who are already touched by the subject and the atmosphere this morning... His longing for Buenos Aires pulls him homewards. But he promises to return. And in the mean time, I will practice ... Tango Argentino.